Industrial ammonia refrigeration systems

We specialize in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. We provide modernisation and designing of refrigeration systems in collaboration with authority designers in our country.

Liquidation of the engine cooling room

We liquidate engine cooling room with collection of ammonia, physical removing of the refrigeration unit, collection of all fluids and a full legal service in this regard. We repair and automate systems powered by chilled water, glycol, brine, ammonia, cooling chambers, condensing stations, engine rooms, measurement and monitoring operation of refrigeration systems.

Installation and maintenance of security systems

We have expanded our offer for the installation and maintenance of security systems - detection of gases and water treatment systems - including, of course condensing stations. Products of well recognised Polish companies can be found in our store.

Trading of used units

In our offer you can find used and refurbished refrigeration units such as: condensers, air coolers, fans, compressors and spare parts which are in very good condition. There are always ammonia valves of all sizes in our squad as well as the basic Danfoss automatic armature such as filters, solenoid valves, pressure switches, thermostats, pilot valves, repair kits, etc.

Safety valves service

We also provide a comprehensive service in the form of maintenance of safety valves. The service consists of keeping the client valve deadline in refrigeration system, providing the same valve replacement, focused on the same opening pressure and finally swapping them for new delivered and legalized. In any specified point in the system or tank. It is recently very fashionable service that more and more enterprises begin to undertake, because with more and more depleted their human resources are, for such services there is just lack of time.

Service team

Our service and assembly team consisting of welders with all kind, electroautomatian and assemblers as well as an experienced specialist of the compressors repairs is at your disposal. Service response time in Wielkopolska region is few hours, other region till 8 hours.

Other industrial installations, projects, supervision and expertise

In addition to the typical refrigeration systems, we are also executor of all industrial installations: heating, in Cu, carbon steel and PP technic. We also provide a comprehensive service of maintaining safety valves. We also provide all types of papers on refrigeration as, among others, documentation for the purposes of the certified units, manuals, diagrams in AutoCAD, evaluation of the existing engine with applicable regulations in this regard.

We also specialize in the supervision for Investor of installing new or upgrading existing systems, performed by larger frigeration companies. If you are interested we can take over in the outsourcing your engine-cooling room, producing coldness for you. In addition, if you wish we will comprehensively take care of your freon system.


In collaboration with certified unit UDT-CERT we provide conformity assessment of pressure equipment referred to in Directive 97/23 / EC in the following areas:
  • Research project EC-module B1
  • Product Review - Module F
  • EC unit verification - module G
  • Examination of the dossier